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Next generation diagnostic solutions
Digital Radiography Solutions

We offer wide array of diagnostic imaging solutions tailored to add value to your practice.

Thermal Cameras

Thermal imaging, is a non-invasive method of measuring heat emissions from the body, discovery of abnormal thermal patterns, the identification of potential error sources and the assessment of training performance.

Portable Ultrasound Machines

Our advance ultrasound systems provide outstanding clarity, resulting in an ultra compact machine that enables the user to provide better patient care. Take your practice to the next level by with the latest and industry leading ultrasound systems.

Laser and Shockwave
Rehabilitation Tools

Our rehabilitation tools can accelerate healing and improve the repair, regeneration and remodeling of tissue in horses and other animals. Shockwave is very beneficial for treating musculoskeletal problems, soft-tissue and bone injuries in horses.

Ultrasound Course
Applications of Ultrasound in Equine Practice

This coourse covers from basics of using ultrasound machine and probes to scanning tendons, ligements, organs. Case studies of clinical cases have been added to help you advance your sonographic skills.

Thermography Course
Applications of Thermography in Veterinary Practice

The course is designed to give you an in depth knowledge of how to use thermal cameras in your practice. It includes case studies and hands on practice as well.

Thermography Course

Course Content:

  • Introduction and Safety Around Animals
  • Thermography ‐ Artifacts, Environmental Concerns & Physiology
  • Performing the Normal Equine Thermographic Examination
  • Thermography of the Equine Limbs: the foot, joints, tendons and ligaments
  • Thermography of Back Pain in Horses
  • Thermography in Equine Practice
  • Thermography ‐ Selected Equine Case Presentations
  • Thermal Imaging and Equine Rehabilitation
  • Thermography and Small Animals
  • Thermal Companion Animal Case Studies
  • Thermal Imaging and Companion Animal Rehabilitation
  • Thermography Applications in Exotic Animals
  • Current Thermal Imaging Research in Wildlife
  • Thermography Mac Facts
  • American Academy of Thermology Exam

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